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“I really enjoyed the cooking class. I really liked making the pasta… I could definitely tell that this pasta would be so much better than when I make it at home.”

“I really liked was the simplicity of all of the recipes. They all had minimal ingredients, but were so flavorful.”

“I also really liked the pear cornetto’s. I did not realize that they were so easy to make. I will definitely try to make them at home, and maybe try with other kinds of fruits.”

“The land was very beautiful and I am excited to go back again.”

“To begin, we retreated down a rustic wooden stairway to find a warm and aromatic kitchen that brightened as a beaming Patrizia turned to us from the range and explained what we would be preparing.”

“ Through each stage we carefully observed Antonietta and her seamless movements. Her simultaneous strength and grace were mesmerizing, and I am convinced her hands possess unearthly powers.”

“ Finally we come to the great spectacle: The meal. Plate after plate of unadorned, but exceedingly flavorful and pure dishes graced our table. There was so much energy contributed by each of us as well as the land in each plate, and my heart was warmed by the resourceful use of all ingredients.”

“I could not help but swell with pride at how Malvarina embodied the epitome of a sustainable, socially responsible enterprise that has aids economic development and improves livelihoods while also maintaining a genuine respect for the culture that has made such an endeavor possible.”

“Malvarina had such a welcoming and homey atmosphere which was perfect to have a group lunch.”

“I look forward to our return and am very curious about learning more on their farming practices and techniques.”

“I really enjoyed how the ingredients were very seasonal and that the chef showed us many different ways to work with a single ingredient – it gave me lots of ideas!”

“I loved the setting of this family’s home on the hillside.”

“All of the hosts made me feel truly welcome”

“The woman that taught the pasta workshop was enthusiastic and made me feel like I was cooking with my grandma.”

“This was a great trip and very relaxing and peaceful.”

“I really appreciated the family atmosphere and how through 3 generations, these cooking traditions and appreciation of the land and food was passed down.”

“From the faro to the pear croissants dusted with sugar, this might have very well been the best meal I’ve had since coming to Italy.”

“I really enjoyed going out to the greenhouse with the pups and seeing the various kinds of herbs and sproutlings growing.”

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